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What's Bus Bar Insulator?

What's bus bar insulator?


Busbar Insulators are special components that provide requirements for use, installation methods, and surrounding application environments for related equipment in the fields of communication cabinets, electrical power, lightning protection, machinery, medical, wind energy, frequency conversion equipment, etc., and they mainly provide fixed support, connection and insulation. Function, also called insulator, insulation spacer,standoff insulator support.


DOWE is the China supplier for DMC/SMC/Epoxy resin insulator for low voltage and high voltage electrical application,such as inverter,distribution box,switchgear and capacitor and so on.


There are thoustands of busbar insulator and busbar clip,height from 16mm to 380mm,voltage is from 660V to 40.5KV according IEC60439.Metric insulator and GB insulator according customizer’s necessary.


CE,SGS,ELV for insulator,UL for material.


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